Written: 1990

Nile Pictures

This is the only film script I have completed (as opposed to I forget how many rejected treatments).

It's the story of two pilgrims on the way to Santiago de Compostela.. a (male) architect from Spain, haunted by the guilt of his mother’s death, and a medieval Scottish monk caught in a time warp.

Their relationship is very directly affected by the places they travel through and the stories associated with them.

They fall in love, seprate after a violent quarrel, and then lose each other in the mountains just before Santiago.

The Virgin Mary appears, blesses their love, and by a miracle brings them back together again.

The fiesta of St James is just beginning: fireworks are exploding in the sky above Santiago. They walk into the joyous city hand in hand.

There must be something about this script, because everyone who reads it seems to get moved by it. And then they sigh, and say, “Of course it’ll never get made”.

And of course it hasn’t.

But the project is still alive; and who knows...