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 The Tree of Knowledge    2011
 Sex, Chips and The Holy Ghost    2011
 The Tree of Life    2010
 The Seagull    2010
 La Princesse de Cleves    2010
 Every One    2010
 An Apple A Day    2009
 Having a Heart    2009
 Spam Fritters    2009
 Chrystal and the General    2009
 Yerma    2008
 An Opera for St. Monan    2008
 Blood Wedding    2008
 Life is a Dream    2008
 The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven    2008
 Leave to Remain    2007
 Tchaikovsky and the Queen of Spades    2007
 Lucy's Play    2007
 The Force of Destiny    2006
 Faust Parts One and Two    2006
 Anna Karenina    2005
 The World    2005
 Great Expectations    2005
 God's New Frock    2005
 God's New Frock (film)    2004
 Sitios    2004
 La Celestina    2004
 God's New Frock    2003
 The Chimes    2003
 S.D.O.    2002
 Madeleine    2002
 Queen of Spades    2002
 The Constant Prince    2001
 Baltasar and Blimunda    2001
 Charles Dickens: The Haunted Man    2001
 Bintou    2000
 Torquemada parts one and two    2000
 Hansel and Gretel    2000
 Inés de Castro (BBC2)    2000
 Ain’t it Grand to be bloomin’ well dead    1999
 Letters from a Strange Land    1999
 The Night Journey    1999
 Life is a Dream    1998
 The Magic Flute    1998
 The Leopard parts one and two    1997
 Writing Home to Mother    1997
 Bazaar    1997
 An Opera for Terezin    1996
 Inés de Castro (Opera)    1996
 War in America    1996
 Light in the Village    1995
 Wuthering Heights    1995
 La Vie de Boheme parts one and two    1994
 Visoes de Febre    1994
 Dreaming    1994
 Celestina (Radio)    1993
 La Vie de Boheme    1993
 Anna    1993
 Inés de Castro (Radio)    1992
 Don Duardos    1992
 What's in a Name    1992
 Macbeth    1991
 The Price of Everything    1991
 Ten Minute Play    1991
 Light in the Village    1991
 The Girl Who Fell to Earth or Shoot the Archduke!    1991
 Quevedo: The Soul's Dark Night    1990
 Santiago    1990
 Inés de Castro    1990
 The Magic Theatre    1989
 Celestina    1989
 Inés de Castro    1989
 The House of Bernarada Alba    1989
 Schism in England    1988
 Great Expectations    1988
 Playing with Fire    1987
 Heaven Bent, Hell Bound    1987
 Lucy's Play    1986
 Losing Venice (Radio)    1986
 Losing Venice    1985
 Romeo and Juliet    1984
 Ending Time    1984
 Desert Places    1983
 The Doctor of Honour    1983
 The House with Two Doors    1982



Legendary Fringe playwright Jo Clifford performs at Edinburgh for the first time with her controversial play THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JESUS QUEEN OF HEAVEN.

Clifford's revolutionary and spiritual work reaches the Fringe for the first time since its explosive and controversial 2009 opening.

Award‐winning playwright, translator, poet and performer, Jo Clifford presents THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JESUS QUEEN OF HEAVEN ­‐ a candlelit, peaceful, meditative end to a hard day on the Fringe.

2009’s five‐night run of THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JESUS QUEEN OF HEAVEN was met with 1,000 protesters from Christian groups outside the Tron Theatre and 750,000 bloggers protesting worldwide. The archbishop of Glasgow subsequently called Clifford’s vision of a transgendered Jesus 'an affront to the Christian faith'. He never saw it.

Listen to those who did: 'Queen Jesus reminds us of the purity of sex and pleasure, the importance of empathy. We hold hands, and remember what it means not to be alone' (Exeunt magazine).

Jo Clifford said: “I didn’t imagine it would be so controversial. Christianity is often used as a weapon against LGBT people to deny us our rights. I wanted to see how this could be justified by the source texts; and in “Jesus Queen of Heaven” make the simple point that Jesus never attacked us and assert our human rights to justice and respect.

I want to bring the play back now because all this still needs to be said. Prejudice, oppression and injustice are suffered by just about every trans person everywhere in the world and the global struggle against oppression of LGBT people is profoundly connected to the wider struggle for women’s rights throughout the world.

I’m frightened of doing this play again. I’m frightened of arousing hostility; and I’m frightened of it being received with indifference. But whenever I ask myself why I am doing it, I think of all that controversy and hatred alongside the letters of support and thanks and I know why. I am doing it because I must.”

Notes for Editors

Artspace@StMarks Aug 5-­‐9;12-­‐16;19-­‐23 at 22.30 (1 hour)
Tickets £12/10 available from https://www.edfringe.com/whats­‐on/theatre/gospel-­according‐to­‐jesus‐queen‐of­‐heaven
Written and performed by Jo Clifford. Directed by Susan Worsfold.
Produced by Annabel Cooper.

Jo Clifford is an award-­‐winning playwright, translator, poet and performer, who has also worked as a journalist and academic. With plays like LOSING VENICE, INES DE CASTRO and LIGHT IN THE VILLAGE, she helped establish the international reputation of the Traverse Theatre Company in the 1980s.

She is the author of over 70 works in every dramatic medium. Her work has been translated into many languages and has been performed all over the world and her adaptation of Charles Dickens GREAT EXPECTATIONS made her the first openly transsexual woman playwright to have her work performed in London’s West End.

As a playwright, Jo has over thirty years’ experience of having her work presented at the Fringe and in the International Festival. However this is her debut as a performer.

She lives in Edinburgh and is a former Professor of Theatre at Queen Margaret University. She is father of two amazing grown up daughters and such a proud Grandma!

For further details and her blog go to www.teatrodomundo.com
Follow her on Twitter @JoCliffordPlays.
Fringe website and ticket link: https://www.edfringe.com/whats­‐on/theatre/gospel-­according‐to­‐jesus‐queen‐of­‐heaven

Contact: Annabel Cooper, Producer annabel.cooper.online@gmail.com 07713 392007